With the closure of the mill and the resulting devastation to our economy, both personal and business, Groveton faces difficult times. While there are many ongoing efforts to foster new industry in town but that takes time. One thing businesses look at, when exploring locations, is how large that sense of community really is. They evaluate how well a community works together for common goals. They observe the different factions and how they interact with each other. The outcome may well be the determining factor.

Would you like to help us demonstrate our worth? We need people like you to donate your time energy, and experience in a variety of areas. To begin with, we are asking community organizations and individuals to participate in the “Litter Free New Hampshire” program. A simple roadside clean up effort of the highways leading into our community will demonstrate our willingness to keep our home town clean and our ability to work together. Together we can provide a clean and inviting gateway into our community.

This effort does not go with out reward. The sponsors of this program donate to the participating towns various plants or trees for the ongoing beautification of the town. We are asking for organizations and individuals to commit to this effort. Those who are interested please contact the numbers listed below. The thinking is to hold this event on a Saturday morning near the end of April or the first part of May. Let’s have our roadsides clean prior to the summer tourist season.  

Planning this will take some effort. We are asking organizations to send a representative to help put it together. Any individual who wishes to also serve is most welcome. The first meeting will be listed on the web site listed below or you can call for more information.

Please call us today at 636-2800 to find out more about how you can help, or visit our Web site at

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!



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